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Croagh Patrick Chapel


This is the chapel at the summit of Croagh Patrick near Murrisk in County Mayo.

One fine day I met a man on the way up.  We were both struggling.  There is loose and jagged stone across one part of the path, and it gets fairly steep for a ways.  I can’t imagine doing it barefoot as some do, and if you’ve a mind to do it and aren’t a spry youngster I’d recommend a walking stick.

Neither of us had the sense to be so prepared.  My excuse was that it was my first time, and perhaps his was that it wasn’t, as he’d grown up in the area.  Neither of us were old men, but we weren’t boys, either.  I imagine as a lad he practically raced up and down the Reek like the Germans that passed us and waved twice, once on the way up, and again on the way down.

We could see his family home from a ledge where we sat and rested.  I learned that he’d spent most of his working years in Birmingham.  I don’t recall his trade, but it struck me at the time that it was something one could do in Ireland, if there was work to be had.  For a man of his generation, starting a career in the nineteen sixties, though, that wasn’t an option.

It was a bright day, and clear, and we could see forever from the summit.   The way back down was just as rugged, but we had gravity with us, and like my new friend, I knew the way by then.