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Future Novel News: “Her Novice Season”

I have new novel coming out some time next year. I’ve finished the writing, and it’s queued up at the publisher for editing and all the rest.

I’ll leave an update here when I know more about the release date.

There have been a few changes from the project I originally pitched. Instead of a standalone novel this has turned into a three book series that takes the reader along for a wild ride every heartbeat of the way, from that first white-knuckled ride-around in driving school to the final full-throttle chequered flag of Her Novice Season.

This is quite a departure from the science fiction and fantasy I’m known for, but it’s set in the world of motor racing, a world I know well, and one I think more people should have a chance to discover.

For the better part of a decade I was part of a road racing team; as a mechanic, crew chief, driver, and team owner. What a lot of people don’t know about grass roots racing is that it’s a family sport, and one with a lot of drama, both on and off the track.

Here’s an advance look at the (draft) eBook cover for the first title:


I don’t know what the back cover copy will be yet but here’s what I sent in as part of the synopsis:

The high-octane world of auto racing begins here. Money. Guts. Skill. Pick any two to stand a chance.

The reckless son of a powerful Washington lawyer.

A wealthy entrepreneur’s win-at-all-costs heir.

And the determined high school sophomore who knows she can beat them.

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